THE French Paradox a Healthy Heart and Youthful Skin


Ever wonder why many woman in France and men for that fact, seem to stay healthy and younger looking despite a poor diet?  One key reason found in the scientific literature, is the consumption of grape products containing antioxidants.

Perhaps more familiar understanding of the power of these products in preventing illness, is the story of the “French Paradox”. For centuries the French have ingested a diet rich in saturated fats and high in carbohydrate and protein. Research has shown that in other societies where these dietary habits were prevalent, there was a co-prevalence of arteriosclerotic heart disease and stroke. Not so with the French. Why? It appears that the French’s love of red wine and its daily consumption, from infancy, afforded them protection against these dietary indiscretions. Analysis of red wine shows that it contains high levels of flavonoids that are leached out of the grape seed and skin by the fermentation process. These antioxidants were found to work in the same way as has been previously described for the pine bark. (White wines are not allowed to ferment in the presence of the grape seed, so these wines do not contain these antioxidants in significant quantities and do not offer cardio protection against a high fat diet). More recent research has shown red wine to also contain resveratrol and scientists now postulate that it is this combination of flavonoids that give red wine its cardio protective qualities.


A recent study by Evans, M. et al showed that whole grape extract (skins and seeds) favorable effect on the cardiovascular system by showing significantly lower total cholesterol/HDL-C ratios and significantly higher HDL-C levels compared to placebo subjects after 6 weeks. ( Evans, M. et al., A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, pilot study to evaluate the effect of whole grape extract on antioxidant status and lipid profile, Journal of Functional Foods [2014].

“Within a decade antioxidants will be regarded as vitamins are now: necessary for maintaining good health and in preventing disease, and in slowing the ageing process…” –Dr. Philip A. White


What about the Skin?

Connective tissues are present in all cells of the body but are particularly well represented in the skin, blood vessels, joints and muscles. The skin has particularly high compositions of two connective tissue proteins called elastin and collagen. These two proteins give young skin its youthful appearance, elasticity and resiliency to injury. Conversely, it is damage to these two connective tissue proteins that causes skin to become thin, fragile and non- elastic as it ages. Grape seed extract has been found to be especially helpful in protecting connective tissue against the effects of sun damage as the grape seed extract has an affinity for the collagen and elastin in connective tissue and helps to maintain their normal biochemical structures. The inflammatory response to solar radiation is also reduced by grape seed extract.

So How Can Nasobih Products Help Me?

Nasobih Nutra-Caps contain grape seed extract, resveratrol, Vitamin C, and Citrus Bioflavanoids all of which are antioxidants that will improve your health and make you younger looking. One to two capsules per day will have the same medicinal value of 1,000 bottles of red wine…..per day. I am not advocating that you drink 1,000 bottles of red wine per day, but you get the picture……I hope!

Nasobih Nutra-Cream contains a high concentration of a very special grape seed extract trade marked as Protovin. Many other antioxidants and essential oils are added to make the most all natural creamy smooth anti-aging/antioxidant face cream you ever tried…..guaranteed.

So the next time you sip on your red wine or take your Nasobih Nutra-Caps and Nutra-Cream, think about how you are staying healthy and younger looking.

Grapeseed Extract the Key to Treating Skin Disorders

grapes red and green

Grapeseed Extract – The Healthy Medicine                   Dr. Neil McKinney, BSc, ND


Grapeseed is rich in oligomeric pro-anthocyanidins (OPC) complexes and related bioactives. OPCs are potent antioxidants which protect and repair tissue, and relax arteries. Naturally, they have a multitude of medical applications.

OPCs neutralize the hydroxyl radical, superoxide radical, singlet oxygen, and peroxynitrate. Peroxynitrate is particularly critical in nitric oxide injury to nucleotides, proteins, fats, cell membranes. Vital structures protected and repaired by OPC include the blood-brain barrier, mitochondria, DNA and vascular endothelium.

Medical applications for OPCs include prevention of cardiovascular disease, recovery from stroke, reperfusion injury, treatment of cancer, asthma, septic shock, arthritis, diabetic vasculopathies , menopausal hot flashes, and a multitude of skin disorders.

For example, 200 mg twice daily of grapeseed extract will help a majority of asthmatics, and in many cases allow inhaled drugs to be tapered or even eliminated.  Short-term loading doses of 1,000 mg per day are perfectly safe.

OPCs bind to collagen and increase its elasticity. It also takes the redness out of inflamed skin. This is why it is often referred to as an “oral cosmetic”. Studies show that taking grapeseed extract internally while also using it topically gives a powerful synergy for skin care. Nasobih™ Nutra-Caps and Protovin™One contain 100mg of high quality grapeseed extract.

I most often use NASOBIH™ Day Cream, which is in an airless pump bottle to preserve its potency. A squirt on moistened hands can be used to prevent or repair sun damage.   It is cosmetically pleasing, and discreet. The thicker and more powerful NASOBIH™ Nutra-Cream is recommended for more serious skin lesions, and for application when at home or for overnight therapy.

If there is a visibly damaged area or a pre-cancerous lesion, I mix one pump of NASOBIH™ Day Cream with three drops of a mixture of equal parts vitamin A emulsion 10,000 IU per drop, and USP grade castor oil. The oil and A must be shaken well before use, then just mix in with the cream on your palm, in seconds you have a resolving cream that absorbs well.

For psoriasis I mix the Day Cream with Neem oil, again one pump per 3 drops oil.

For acne rosacea I mix the Day Cream with sea buckthorn oil.   The patient should be taking grapeseed orally, of course, but also sea buckthorn oil orally.   All forms of acne also benefit from the addition of burdock root and indole-3-carbinol or diindolyle methane ( I3C/DIM) extract from cabbage family vegetables.

Nasobih™ Emu Oil is also an effective skin treatment used on its own or in combination with Nasobih™ Nutra-Cream or Day Cream. Emu oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory and speeds healing of damaged skin. It is an excellent skin penetrator and can be used as a carrier agent to deliver topical treatments deeper into the skin for better results.

I have long used grapeseed extract in cancer therapy, because of its ability to promote apoptosis, and to inhibit critical oncology targets such as aromatase, NFκB, MAPK, AP-1, EGF and VEGF. OPCs are chemo-protective in part because they support the p53 “Guardian of the DNA” repair system, normalizing tumour epigenetics.


A critical issue in prevention and reversal of cancer is the capping of cancer cells with insulin-like growth factor one binding protein three IGF-BP-3, which turns off their exponential growth pattern and restores normal growth – where cells are only replaced with non-reproducing differentiated cells. OPcs up-regulate the production of IGFBP by several-fold.


I have demonstrated clinically and published repeatedly that there is a marked synergy of OPCs with green tea polyphenols and curcumin, in many of my cancer patients, from early to late-stage. This was recently confirmed in vivo at a major cancer research centre.


Grapeseed extract is the most useful antioxidant to supplement, lowering risk of all the chronic inflammatory diseases. It is also a powerful and versatile natural medicine.



Aging versus Anti-Aging, The Battle is ON!



Ask yourself these questions:


  •      Do you notice visible signs of aging?
  •      Are you noticing fine lines on your face?
  •      Is your skin tone and texture changing?
  •      Are you noticing aging spots on your face, hands or anywhere else on your body?
  •      Have you been experiencing mild eczema?
  •      Have you noticed sun damaged skin?
  •      Do you want to get the benefits of the sun but avoid the UV harm?
  •      Do you want your skin to look brighter and healthier?
  •      Do you notice that your wounds heal slower?

If you have answered yes to any one of the above questions then it is time for you to start looking after your skin health.   As anything in life, the results we obtain, depends on the treatment we choose.   To win the battle against aging we need all the help we can get.   We need to care for ourselves from inside out. What we eat or take internally or put on our skin makes all the difference.




  •     Naturally             All ingredients are from Nature
  •     Anti-aging           Slows the aging process so you look and feel younger
  •     System                 A two part combination of oral capsules and topical cream
  •     for
  •     Outer                    Meaning the top of the skin and outer appearance
  •     Beauty                  Attractive looking skin, with reduced skin damage
  •       &
  •     Inner                     Meaning the function of the body under the skin
  •     Health                   Meaning a healthier functioning body

Nasobih™is an impressive system designed to work on boosting immune system naturally from inside through its ability to improve healthy blood circulation to the base of the skin and enzymatic pathways to greatly reduce the harmful effects of Oxidation and Inflammation that our bodies encounter daily. These are harmful environmental and life style effects, such as Ultraviolet radiation, air pollution, life stress, exhaustion, etc., Some refer to this as free radical damage.

Nasobih system begins its positive effect from inside and then this effect is complemented by its positive outside effect on the skin which is the largest organ of our body.

These skin rejuvenating, anti-wrinkle, skin firming and naturally brightening effects are achieved by applying Nasobih Nutra-cream to your skin, a balanced combination of 26 nature’s most influential ingredients that create a synergistic effect on achieving the highest positive long lasting results from outside and then orally taking a capsule, Nasobih Nutra-cap, a combination of four powerful anti-oxidants that exert a multifold positive effect due to their synergistic power which has a very favourable vascular benefit such as providing nutrients to the cells of our body both internally and externally among its many other positive effects.

Please forward your questions to , I look forward to your questions and comments which I will try to answer in my next blog.

K. Forghani, MD

Chief Scientific Officer

Who knew about Emu!

Emu? What does an emu have to do with skin health? The emu bird is one of the oldest living beings on earth, originating from the dinosaur 80 million years ago. The aborigines of Australia have utilized the bird for hundreds of years for its unique medicinal qualities found in its oil. The emu has a fat pad on its back similar to that of a camel. This pad is very rich in nutrients such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Emu’s raised and harvested in colder climates such as the northern prairies of Canada, tend to yield a higher level of both omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids then birds raised in warmer climates. This discovery is similar to the concept of deep water salmon and omega-3 levels.


Modern science has discovered the healing properties of emu oil and have studied the oil in a variety of skin related disorders such as, contact dermatitis, herpes zoster and simplex, burns including sun burn, bed sores, skin ulcers and aged skin just to name a few. The oil has shown to have profound anti-inflammatory and skin penetrating action which may account for its pain relieving properties. The composition of the oil is very similar to the skin which allows for deeper skin penetration. Many clinicians will use emu oil as a carrier to enhance the penetration of other dermatological medicines and nutrients to increase efficacy and speed healing.


Dr. Bill Code, MD writes in his book “Youth Renewed” page 214, what emu oil can do for your skin. He writes, “Emu Oil contains a small amount of phosphorous, and this may also make a difference in how well it penetrates human skin. Emu oil, like many oils, is relatively non-polar (not electrically charged). A non-polar compound can travel through a cell much better than a polar compound, as a polar compound is positively or negatively charged and is usually stopped at the entrance gate to the cell. Whether a compound is polar or non-polar makes a big difference in its ability to move between cells.   Emu oil is a source of nutrients to the skin. Here’s how it works. The skin has blood vessels supplying it with the nutrients it needs for elasticity, hydration, and healing. If there’s injury such as bruising, a release of eicosanoids occurs, along with other responses that cause swelling and edema (fluid accumulation). If you visualize this, you can imagine that the skin’s surface – with this swelling – is now further from the blood supply. Your skin now has fewer white blood cells and nutrients reaching it and slowed removal of waste. The result is delayed and slowed healing.   So, in emu oil, we have a substance that supplies nutrients directly to the skin and penetrates the skin very well. What this suggests is that emu oil may help the skin heal (recover from injury) more quickly. It also tells us that emu oil has an anti-aging component due to improved cell function, cell change-over and cell renewal- all things that tend to work against aging.”


The anti-aging component of emu oil is commonly used in combination with Nasobih™ and is a part of the Nasobih™ natural anti-aging skin care line. By applying Nasobih™ Nutra-Cream to the skin then applying the emu oil, patients have reported beneficial effects on certain age related skin conditions such as the reduction of wrinkles on the upper lip area of middle aged women. More investigation is currently underway to identify key treatment options with the combination of Nasobih™ and emu oil for skin disorders and age related skin damage.   Nasobih™ 100% pure Canadian emu oil is obtained from a processor in the northern prairie region of Canada to ensure the highest quality and potency of omega-3 and omega-6 poly and monounsaturated fatty acids. The oil is processed in a very delicate manor to maintain the natural components found in emu oil. The oil is packaged in airless pumps to prevent oxygen from entering the container, maintaining the best quality emu oil on the market.


Dr. Bill Code, MD is the foremost expert on emu oil in Canada. He has conducted a webinar on emu oil, sponsored by Global Health Source Canada Inc. (makers of Nasobih™) and hosted by Eastern Currents Distributing Ltd.. For more information on this webinar go to real results and click on educational videos.

The latest and the greatest

With the explosive growth in body consciousness and powerful market development towards “looking and feeling good”, the market is starting to see the merging of personal care products and nutrients that are ingested and those that are topically applied.


First there were cosmeceuticals defined in the 1990’s as “skin care products that claim therapeutic benefits through the inclusion of alpha hydroxyl acids, beta hydroxyl acid and vitamins A,C and E”.


Now there is the introduction of nutricosmetics- orally ingested products to improve health and beauty that, according to the latest market study, make up a rapidly-growing category. The driving force behind the growth is…who else but the baby boomer generation, a group that is currently spending billions each year in an effort to maintain youthful looks and wellness.


One of the first systems developed to meet this new nutricosmetic industry is Nasobih™ (Natural Anti-aging System for Outer Beauty and Inner Health). Nasobih™ is a two-step system that utilizes, 1) orally ingested Protovin™ One (high potency grape seed extract) or Nasobih™ Nutra-Caps containing Protovin™, resveratrol, vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids, both approved by Health Canada’s natural health directorate. Step 2) Nasobih™ Nutra-Cream, which is a topically applied Protovin™ including other antioxidants that protects the skin from environmental damage at the surface. This system works synergistically to provide greater results on the vitality and health of your skin. A study published in the Skin Physiology Journal 2007, showed a significant reduction in inflammatory response to UV radiation and a significant increase in skin hydration. Other benefits experienced are reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, reduced redness from rosacea and other skin conditions.


Oral application of Nasobih™ provides internal circulatory health to the microcirculation at the base of the skin. This helps healthy skin cells to develop as they migrate to the surface of the skin. The topical application of Nasobih™ protects and treats the skin from external environmental damage. The combination of this system, slows the aging process – so you look as good as you feel.

Our Partnership for Better Health

It gives us great pleasure to announce the strategic alliance between Global Health Source Canada Inc.(GHSC) and Eastern Currents Distributing Ltd. In today’s business world, customer service has come to the forefront to ensure business success through sustainability and growth.


Global Health Source Canada Inc. is an innovative manufacturer of natural anti-aging products taken orally and applied topically sold under the brand name “Nasobih™”( Natural Anti-aging System for Outer Beauty and Inner Health). The Nasobih™ system is becoming recognized as a unique and effective treatment option by health care professionals for patients wanting to feel healthier and look younger.


The rapid growth of Nasobih™ products required a more efficient and effective distribution to customers. After careful consideration, GHSC was delighted to choose Eastern Currents Distributing Ltd. a leading distributor to health care professionals across Canada. Eastern Currents has two key distribution warehouses, one in Eastern Canada and the other in Western Canada. This will produce faster delivery of products to all areas of Canada no matter where you live.


With Eastern Currents at the helm of distribution, GHSC can focus more on research and development. New innovative natural health products are just waiting to be discovered. The trend towards natural medicine is rapidly growing and Global Health Source Canada is committed to staying on top by bringing you safe and effective natural health products.


If you are a health care professional in Canada and would like to offer the Nasobih™ system to your patients, please contact Eastern Currents Distributing Ltd. to register as a wholesale customer. Go to: or call toll free 1-800-667-6866 or ( 604) 263-5042.
The strategic alliance between Global Health Source Canada Inc. and Eastern Currents Distributing Ltd. will improve the efficient distribution of Nasobih™ products throughout Canada. You can be sure to get fast delivery to meet your needs and those of your patients. Watch for new innovative natural health products under the Nasobih™ brand.

Yours Sincerely,

Global Health Source Canada Inc.(Nasobih™)
Victoria, BC, Canada