About Us

NASOBIH ™ (NA-SO-BEE) is an acronym for: “Natural Anti-aging System for Outer Beauty and Inner Health”

Global Health Source Canada was incorporated in Victoria, BC, Canada in 2006. It’s research and development partner, Omega Biotech Corp., spent over 10 years developing a unique blend of high potency antioxidants that have been scientifically proven to have a therapeutic effect on your health and the health of your skin.  This initial research lead to the development of a unique and natural skincare line using oral and topical applications. A significant improvement in skin healing was discovered when using the combination of Nasobih™ ingredients topically and orally. A scientific study published in the Skin Pharmacology and Physiology Journal in 2007 reports on this oral and topical effect of grape seed extract.

The Nasobih™ System utilizes a key ingredient called Protovin™, a unique and high potency grape seed extract. Protovin™ is produced from grape seeds harvested from a vineyard in the Mount St. Helen’s region of Washington State USA. The volcanic eruption in 1980 produced unusual nutrient rich soils which yield the highest quality grape seeds. Read more. Best selling author Dr. James Balcher speaks of Protovin™ in his book, “Super Antioxidants: Why they will change the face of healthcare in the 21st century” 1998, New York, page 113

Nasobih™ products are manufactured utilizing an industry secret that keeps the product all natural with no harsh solvents, preservatives or chemical manipulation.

The Nasobih™ System has gained recognition by Naturopathic Physicians, Holistic healthcare providers, Medical Doctors, Anti-aging clinics,  specialty vitamin and health food stores in Canada, USA and Europe. Nasobih™ products have been recently licensed in Switzerland, Croatia and continues to peek the interest of countries worldwide.  Stay tuned as we grow around the world. Nasobih™ can offer better health inside and out no matter where you live.

If you are looking for an effective antioxidant to protect your health and the health of your skin, then look no further… trust Nasobih ™.