How To Use Nasobih



To start the Nasobih™ skin care regimen for optimal results, follow these steps: 


1.   Exfoliate your face and neck with the Nasobih™ Microdermabrasion once or twice weekly. Use lukewarm water and a dime size amount of the product in an upward circular motion. Do not apply too much pressure and avoid the delicate eye area.


2.   Spray a mist of the Nasobih™  Alcohol-Free Herbal Toner generously around the face and neck, keep eyes closed to avoid spraying into your eyes.


3. Apply one to two dime size amounts of Nasobih™ Nutra-Cream in a circular upward motion all around the face and under the eye area. Tap under your eyes as you apply the cream. You may use a Q-tip to keep the cream from entering your eyes. Layer this with the Nasobih™ Day-Cream once or twice during the day.


Other Tips:


As for the rest of the body, use the Nasobih™ Silk Body lotion after a hot shower. It readies the skin for this fantastic silky body lotion.


Once a week, exfoliate the back of your hands and chest area with the microdermabrasion before applying the Nasobih™ Silk Body lotion.  This area is often missed and can show premature aging from sun exposure.


Many women  have the Nasobih™ Day cream airless pump in their purse or back-pack to use after the gym or other physical activity to keep the skin nourished and hydrated.


Remember to take two Nasobih™ Nutra-cap capsules or Protovin™-One capsules every morning before you start your skin regimen.  This is how Nasobih™ nourishes your skin from the inside out. You will feel energized and look great.


Feel the Energy…………..See the Difference